Saturday, September 10, 2011

Shakeup at the Ministry of Security!

Updated at 11:30 PDT

Honduran newspapers are reporting that both the Minister of Security, Oscar Alvarez, and the Vice Ministers Armando Calidonio and Roberto Romero Luna have been removed from their offices. La Tribuna is reporting that Alvarez is currently meeting with Porfirio Lobo Sosa.

Also removed was the head of the Police in San Pedro Sula, Hector Ivan Mejilla, and the head of the traffic police (Transitos) for northwest Honduras, Guillermo Arias.

The head of the northwest (San Pedro Sula) sector of the DNIC-- the national investigative police, equivalent to the FBI-- Oscar Garcia Mendez also is reported by Tiempo to have lost his office. El Heraldo says that General Marco Tulio Palma Rivera, the current national Director of the DNIC, is becoming head of the national police.

Tiempo says that the new Minister of Security is Pompeyo Bonilla, current head of CONATEL. El Heraldo reports that General Luis Muñoz Licona is moving into the cabinet as the Vice Minister of Security.

Updated at 11:30 PDT

El Heraldo now reports that Ramon Sabillon Pineda will replace vice minister Calidonio. Sabillon Pineda was the head of operations for the national police prior to this elevation. General Jose Luis Muñoz Licona is the replacement for Vice Minister Roberto Romero Luna.

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