Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oscar Alvarez Fired Over Proposed Law

Porfirio Lobo Sosa got around to admitting late yesterday that the proposed law that Oscar Alvarez sent to Congress is what got Alvarez fired. It seems that Alvarez usurped Lobo Sosa's perogative by not clearing it with Lobo Sosa first:
"The Secretaries of State do not have the power to initiate legislation, its the President that has that through his Secretaries of State, that is clear, that no Secretary of State can introduce a law unless instructed by the President."

The Secretaries here are part of Lobo's cabinet. Alvarez was for example, "Secretaria de Estado en despacho de Seguridad (Secretary of State for Security)". Lobo Sosa makes it clear that Alvarez did not consult with him on the proposed law, and that there is an existing law for cleaning up the Police which observes their due process and human rights.

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