Saturday, September 10, 2011

More Ministers Out?

HRN, a Honduran radio station, is reporting that there are more changes in the Lobo Sosa government. At the moment, they report that a total of 4 Ministers have either resigned or been fired: Oscar Alvarez (Security), Mario Canahauti (Foreign Relations), Oswaldo Guillen (DEI), and Nasry Asfura (FHIS). Specifically, it is reporting that Guillen and Asfura were fired, while Alvarez and Canahuati reportedly resigned.

La Tribuna reports that a document detailing all the changes is currently being written and they will be announced at a press conference later today.

La Tribuna also speculates that Alejandro Ventura, Minister of Education will become Ambassador to Brazil and congressman Javier Menocal will take his place. They also speculate that Bernard Martinez, Minister of Culture, will be replaced by Mireya Batres, reprising the role she had earlier in Nationalist administrations.

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