Saturday, June 12, 2010

Luis Rubi: "I did not want to act" on coup rumors

Public Prosecutor Luis Rubi said today that he will not open an investigation into an alleged coup plot against Porfirio Lobo Sosa until he has a chance to talk face-to-face with Lobo Sosa.
"I have been listening to statements; it is a serious matter and I have considered the seriousness of the allegations I have decided to communicate, and between him and me to establish a dialogue."

The Prosecutor's office has been putting all kinds of obstacles in the way of opening up an investigation into the coup rumors.

Lobo Sosa took them to task yesterday for not already having opened an official investigation, since he'd sent over writings and evidence to them days ago.

Rubi responded,
"I did not want to act despite having the power, but it is better to communicate directly with him."

I can understand Rubi's concern.

Like all the golpistas, he has a thin veneer of the Naumann Foundation-espoused ideology that everyone must obey the same rules, submit to the law.

Except that here he would be investigating the powerful, potentially his friends and patrons. He already has the "gacetazo" and "paquetazo" scandals this year dealing with the rich and powerful.

Depending on who is behind what Lobo Sosa has repeatedly said are plans to get rid of him, this could be an added, awkward investigation for Rubi to undertake.

No wonder he "did not want to act"...

Update: well, now Luis Rubí has more to go on. An article just published in Tiempo-- the only newspaper in Honduras not controlled by pro-coup forces-- quotes Porfirio Lobo Sosa as saying that the conspiracy against him includes politicians from the Liberal and National parties, as well as businessmen.

In other words, the same broad sector that carried out the coup of 2009.

While downplaying the risk of these conspirators carrying out what he speculated was a plot hatched over too much alcohol, Lobo Sosa called out Luis Rubí once again for his failure to investigate even so:
"It is a duty of the Prosecutor, when something is mentioned that verges on violating the Constitution of the Republic, to call that person immediately and say to them, come here, what are you saying", he stated.

This shows a pretty good understanding of the legal charge of the Public Prosecutor. Luis Rubí should listen to him.

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