Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lobo Sosa: I know who wants to throw me out

We previously mentioned rumors from Honduras of a possible coup against Porfirio Lobo Sosa, referred to in an editorial published in Tiempo advising Lobo Sosa to "pack his pijamas".

El Heraldo reported a bit ago that today Porfirio Lobo Sosa hinted that he knows who is interested in ousting him. This came to light after the meeting of the Council of Ministers this morning in the city of Guaimaca, in Francisco Morazan.

Lobo Sosa responded to a press question about rumors going through the National Congress that he intended to fire the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Jorge Rivera Avilés.
"No, whoever they want to mess with, they say it is the President of the Republic,"

Lobo Sosa answered, and added that he has already identified all the people who seek his ouster.

Asked if he had any fear he replied,
"fear, please no; better yet, they'll get tangled up with me, they don't know... I'll tell you something, never forget that for every action there's a reaction.... and I'll tell you that we have everything well ordered. I have them all pinpointed, I know who they are.... I have all the information."

Interesting source for this news: both El Heraldo and La Prensa are owned by Jorge Canahuati Larach, one of the principal forces behind the coup. Canahuati Larach financed the Washington, D.C. campaign of Lanny Davis to legitimate the coup, and was frequently visited last fall by the generals who carried out Zelaya's expatriation.

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RNS said...

La Tribuna has a longer version of one of Lobo Sosa's quote.

"“¡Miedo de qué!, ¡no hombre, por favor!, más bien se van a enredar conmigo, ni saben. Yo les digo algo: jamás hay que olvidar que a toda acción hay una reacción. Yo les digo, tenemos todo bien seriado, los tengo ubicaditos a todos, sé quiénes son, tengo toda la información”, dijo Lobo."