Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Taking Marbles, Going Home

Oswaldo Canales has made good on his threat to remove the evangelical church confraternity from the Consejo Nacional Anticorrupción. Yesterday he sent a note to the new head of the council, Dulce Maria Zavala, announcing their withdrawal.
"[Oswaldo Canales] was not at the meeting, but he sent a note of the withdrawal. What it reveals to us is that this is an infantile attitude, that which our partner has, and this is what we demonstrated and this is what they want to discuss now. He is a member of this group and it is important that he be present in the CNA, but through a note he made official his withdrawal,"

Zavala told La Tribuna. She noted that the CNA replied to the note, asking them to reconsider.

Zavala also revealed that the Catholic church would be returning to the CNA after a one and a half year absence.

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