Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ricky Martin: Just Too Sexy?

Today Porfirio Lobo Sosa, in Washington, D.C., ordered his government to make sure Ricky Martin was allowed to enter the country to perform his concert in Honduras.

The message was conveyed by his Human Rights Minister, Anna Pineda. On the morning television program Frente a Frente, she said:
"The official position of the government has been to respect human rights and trying to keep in line with that policy, it has has been arranged, through the Secretary of Justice and Human Rights, that the singer Ricky Martin can enter and perform his show."

She pointed out that Martin was coming as a UN good will ambassador for UNICEF, with a message against sexual abuse, and that as that representative, he would not have an act that caused harm to anyone, and even less to children.

Nonetheless, the official government censorship committee has put age restrictions on attendance. No children under 15 admitted because of "erotic content". Alberto Espinal, director of the the group that made the decision to restrict attendance, said:
"We take this measure to protect the mental health of the youth of Honduras....Martin is offering eroticism."

Martin's show is called Music, Soul, Sex.

Maybe they should look to what's on Honduran television before saying this show was too erotic for Honduran youth.

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