Saturday, February 18, 2017

Indigenous Leader Murdered

An Indigenous leader and pre-school teacher of the Tolupan in Honduras was murdered yesterday by five unnamed attackers in his home in the Montaña de la Flor community of La Ceiba.  José de los Santos Sevilla was a son of recently deceased leader Tomas Sevilla.

Sevilla was active in the community in bringing electricity and a hospital to Orica, and in maintaining the Tolupan beliefs.  The Mayor of Orica, Rosy Alexander Rodgrigues, said that the La Ceiba band was the most advanced [modernized] of the Tolupan bands of the Montaña de la Flor.

Jose de los Santos Sevilla is the first Tolupan leader from Montaña de la Flor to be murdered according Rodriguez.

The Public Prosecutor's office dispatched a team to investigate the murder.

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