Saturday, February 13, 2016

The New Supreme Court

In the end, the intransigence and bribes paid by the National Party succeeded in getting their slate of candidates for the Honduran Supreme Court elected, but it took six votes, and the rebellion of 3 Partido Anti-Corrupción women who ignored the party line.  On the fifth vote, February 10, congress elected 3 more magistrates to join the 8 already elected, and on February 11, the sixth vote, they elected the remaining 4 candidates.  The court, as it stands, will consist of 10 men and 5 women, 8 National Party members and 7 Liberal Party members, with the National Party holding the Chief Justice position.

Thee PAC Congress Members voted with the National Party on the Sixth round of voting:  Marlene Alvarenga, Kritza Perez, Ana Josefina Fortin.

Friday morning, Feb. 12, the Chief Justice, Rolando Argueta, issued a memo appointing each of them to one of the four branches of the court for the next seven years, as follows:

Rolando Argueta - Chief Justice

Sala Constitucional:
Lidia Alvarez, Jorge Zelaya,  Edwin Ortez, Reyna Hércules, Jorge Serrano

Sala Penal:
José Rogdríguez, Rafel Bustillo, Alma Guzman

Sala Civil:
Reynaldo Hernández, Wilfredo Méndez, Rina Alvarado

Sala Laboral:
Edgardo Cáceres, Miguel Pineda, Maria Castro

Update Feb. 14:

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