Wednesday, February 5, 2014

First ZEDE Pre-announced

Ebal Diaz, advisor to Juan Orlando Hernández, pre-announced the announcement of the first Zona de Empleo y Desarrollo Económico (ZEDE) in Honduras. 

ZEDEs, private economic development zones,  are the concept that replaced model cities after that law was ruled unconstitutional.  Arthur Phillips has an excellent summary on how the ZEDE law came into being here.

The new ZEDE will be on the Pacific coast of Honduras and will reportedly occupy a number of municipalities in the department of Choluteca and possibly Valle as well.   Diaz said:
I dare say that on February 10 prestigious investors from all over the world will come to the country to invest in factories in several locations in the Departments of Choluteca and Valle. 

Diaz indicated that the project had both Honduran and international funding, and would be formally announced on February 10.

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