Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Appeal Filed

The Bar Association of Anti-Corruption Lawyers in Honduras has brought a legal appeal of Congress's dismissal of four Justices.  Their lawyer said he brought the action because the people who should have, the Public Prosecutor Luis Rubi, and his deputy prosecutors Danelia Ferrera and German Enamorado, had failed to act.  He asked:
Where is Luis Rubi?  Where is Danelia Ferrera?  And where is the prosecutor for human rights (German Enamorado)?
Luis Rubi demurred that he would do nothing until he had a copy of the Congressional findings and the text of the motion which he would then analyze, and act based on his office's findings.  

The Bar Association of Anti-Corruption Lawyers' appeal is based on the law, on the fact that Congress does not have the authority nor was ever granted the right under the constitution of Honduras to remove justices from the Supreme Court.  They wrote that the Congressional resolution separating the four justices violated the Constitution of the republic.

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