Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Honduran Police Failing Evaluation

Forty seven percent of the 70 police officers processed fully by the Dirección de Investigación y Evaluación de la Carrera Policial (DIECP) over the last three months failed their confidence test.

That's 33 police officers that the DIECP will seek to have fired.

Seventy is an admittedly small sample, but if this rate of failure held up for the entire police force, we would be looking at the dismissal of more than 3700 police over the next two years.

The DIECP is moving slowly, though.  In the last 3 months they have conducted their confidence tests on 145 police officers, and only made evaluations of these 70. In addition they collected urine and blood samples from the 90 officers that form the COBRA Special Operations team.

The slowness of their evaluations prompted Julieta Castellanos to ask the Cabinet for an investigation of the DIECP to find out why it is proceeding so slowly.

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