Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Westport Out

Westport Finance LLC has finally been acknowledged by Emil Hawit, head of ENEE as not having complied with the contract.  He will therefore take the legal steps to terminate the contract.

Hawit found that there was no electricity emergency, as had been declared when the contract was rushed through; that repairs to the transmission lines more than mitigated the losses they were seeing.  He said that even after the contract with Westport was signed, the company was never in compliance with it.  The only step they took was to pay the bond required by the contract, and they did not heed the instructions contained in the contract about how to do that, or do so in the time stipulated by the contract;  The bond was returned to them.

Hawit told El Heraldo:
We have arrived at a legal procedure which will rescind the contract with no liability to ENEE.

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