Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Motion To Reconsider

The Public Prosecutor's office filed a motion to reconsider with the appeals panel of the Supreme Court yesterday "because of errors in the decision". The motion to reconsider is separate from an appeal, which can be filed up to 60 days after the court's decision. The Public Prosecutor, Luis Rubí said this motion gives them time to study the decision and determine if it conforms to the law.
"We have used the motion to make a more in-depth analysis with the goal of making a study. We will analyze if this decision is based on the law,"
said Rubí. He said he had no preconceptions about the case and that it would be reviewed by legal experts. The appeal states
"Honorable court, finally, we do not want to fail to mention that to support the claim that no injunction may be filed against a person out of the country creates a dangerous precedent, because it would mean that any person could leave the country to later rely on the invalidation of actions taken against them, thereby creating a serious problem with impunity. We request that you admit this motion to reconsider and revoke your previous decision of 2 May 2011...."

The appeals panel of the Supreme Court must issue a decision today on the motion to reconsider.

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