Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jesus Not Mary in Zacapa, Santa Barbara

The bishop of western Honduras, Monsignor Luis Santos has visited the miraculous image in El Ocote, Zacapa, Santa Barbara and identified it as the image of Jesus of Nazareth. On March 24 Bishop Santos found the news stories in La Tribuna and pledged to visit. None of the local priests had notified him of the apparition.
"This is not the Virgin of Zacapa; this is the image of Jesus of Nazareth before Crucifixion,"

he said after examining the image.

La Tribuna reported that Monsignor Santos spent time viewing the image from several directions and talking with the residents of El Ocote. He told the gathered crowd to agree on a day and all pray the rosary and other prayers, preferably at 3 pm, agreeing that it was a sacred image, and that he would inform the catholic hierarchy of the events. Monsignor Santos noted that this is not anything new for those who believe because
"Jesus and Mary have always made themselves known to the people."

Bishop Santos urged the residents of El Ocote to take turns guarding the image against further vandalism.

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