Wednesday, October 13, 2010

OAS Admission Redux

(Traveling so infrequent access for posting over the next two weeks)

Apparently within a couple of weeks, OAS Secretary General José Miguel Insulza will present a report to the OAS on conditions in Honduras. The report will address the state of human rights in Honduras, and Zelaya's safe return to Honduras.

Insulza says the report will present enough information to let governments decide if they want to readmit Honduras to the OAS or not. He said that in the coming days he hopes he will have more positive information to complete his report, sufficient to convene the OAS and contemplate the changes.
"If you consider those two points resolved you can vote for the readmission of Honduras into the OAS,"

said Insulza. He added
"If those who carried out the coup would have known the bad that was going to come to them, probably they would have waited until the elections; they were only 6 months [away]. What happened was that there, among them were some that thought they would stay for more time, the reaction of the international community stopped them."

Insulza repeated his belief that the solution to the problems in Honduras lies with Honduras a member of the OAS rather than outside it.

El Heraldo seems to have missed this story so far, and instead covered a separate Insulza statement, one he made a couple of days ago in Mexico to the effect that the constitutional altercation will be over in Honduras when those responsible for the coup are tried in court. Insulza added,
"Its not a caprice the solidarity that the OAS countries maintain on this theme, but it deals with a key element to guarantee the existence of an effective democracy in Honduras"


Anonymous said...

Let's hope that before replying the OAS thinks over readmission at least as long as they thought over the letter I send to the human rights division.... slightly over a year.

RNS said...

El Heraldo finally noticed Insulza's statement and published a story about it, 8 days later.

So timely.