Friday, May 21, 2010

Supreme Court to Lobo Sosa: "No Thanks"

The chief justice of the Honduran Supreme Court, Jorge Rivera Avilez, in response to question from the press, said that Porfirio Lobo Sosa, in discussions with him, asked him to postpone the dismissal of judges who opposed the coup d'Etat. But the Supreme Court asserted its independence and specifically claimed it would not "go backwards".

Lobo Sosa said yesterday that he asked the Supreme Court not to "take any actions that were not appropriate for the peace and stability in Honduras."

Daniel Izaguirre, court spokesperson, told reporters that what Lobo Sosa asked of his boss (Rivera Aviles) was that he postpone the dismissal of the judges.

Izaguirre is quoted as saying

"The president of the Court promised that he would make the proposal to the whole court, and in the whole court it was batted around and they said this is a decision which has been made."

Izaguirre indicated that the 10 justices who voted for the firings are not willing to reconsider their decision.


RNS said...

Jorge Rivera Aviles says, in La Tribuna, that the dismissed justices should retun to work. They have not been officially notified of their dimissal, and therefore their absence is illegal.

Anonymous said...

Alan McDonald needs to do a cartoon with Rivera Aviles as the Red Queen. Or maybe the Mad Hatter.

--Charles of Mercury Rising